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We understand the challenges young job seekers face in a competitive job market. Our platform empowers you to find opportunities that align with your schedules, skills, interests, and aspirations, whether a flexible gig, full-time role, part-time job, or an enriching internship.

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Great Platform!

Flexie is a great and easy platform! I am a junior in high school and have been using it to make extra money! I can work on my schedule and get paid the same day! I totally recommend it!!

Amani W.

Flexer from Charlotte, NC

Awesome Experience

My first time working at a fast food restaurant as a Flexie worker has been excellent. They have good respect and good communication and everyone gets to work. I love that I have the flexibility to work at different companies according to my school schedule.

Deonte L.

Flexer from Charlotte, NC

I loved the experience

My first experience working with Flexie was very smooth. I came with my sister, and everything went well. The planning structure was very organized. The organizers always reminded the workers about their work days and cross-checked to see if they were still available. Upon working at the work site, we were working at Chick Fil A in spectrum center. The Chick Fil A workers were very respectful and efficiently explained everything we had to do. They were very cooperative and worker-friendly, and the time flew by working there. The pay was quick and efficient, and the opportunity to work there again was readily presented. I recommend Flexie to anyone interested in a quick and efficient job.

Dumkele I.

Flexer from Indian Land, SC

I love working with Flexie

So far, working for Flexie has been a fantastic experience. I’ve learned applicable skills, been presented with many opportunities, and earned good money. I love how the hours are short, and the pay is instantaneous, so you get in and out, receiving your wages in under 24 hours. In addition, the opportunities on different dates cater to various interests and diverse schedules.

I am privileged to have been working under Flexie since it began. It’s rapidly grown and expanded, and it continues to grow. We are seeing more and more teens get involved, as well as numerous franchises and companies like, most recently, Chick-Fil-A. I could serve at the Hornets game for a flex job, which was a wonderful experience! I’m delighted to see all the new workers coming in and reporting their incredible experiences. I’m excited to see how we grow and what else is in stock for Flexie!

Chukwunoyenim I.

Flexer from Indian Land, SC

Great Company

I’ve been working with Flexie for almost a year now, and I am thrilled with the work they found me and how well they’ve treated me. I have built a great working relationship with the individuals in this company and many clients with whom they have paired me.

With the connections they have, anytime I need extra money, all I need to do is load their app, give them a call, or go on their website, and I will be working right away on an assignment that seems custom-tailored to my needs and skills. Not only that but I will also get paid right away. It is a blessing to have Flexie available to help me find quick jobs for quick cash.

Thomas E.

Flexer from Charlotte, NC

Good Opportunities

I am so thankful for Flexie! I am happy to be able to add value to Businesses that need assistance through gig opportunities. I am looking forward to all the opportunities in the upcoming here!
Thanks Flexie!

Kojo N.

Flexer from Altanta, GA