Why Flexie?

Flexie is built to empower young people everywhere. We understand the unique challenges students face in today’s job market, and our platform provides a flexible and accessible solution. We put people first and are passionate about the economic mobility of the under-resourced.

Our Story

We formed Flexie out of a deep desire to create opportunities for people everywhere. Our founders are first-generation immigrants who experienced firsthand how hard work, determination, and opportunity can lead to success. They fled war and poverty in their native country, Liberia, for a chance to live better lives. Often faced with challenges juggling multiple jobs and going to college, they persevered. They attended top schools and worked at large corporations. Their passion for creating socioeconomic mobility for the underserved led them to transition from prominent corporate roles to form Flexie.
We are on a mission to provide equity and financial freedom for every young person.

Our Freedom Pledge

We vow to build a people-first ecosystem that:

Elevates and empowers people by removing barriers to success

Allows people to live life on their terms

Gives people opportunities to build the future they imagine

Empowers people to build a foundation of financial freedom